I am an ambitious and proactive iOS Engineer who is always looking to grow my career and skills. I am currently working at ribot where I strive for quality to create the best product I can, in an environment with like-minded people and ideas. I am a creative thinker, with an ability to see things from many perspectives and with excellent organisational skills.

Technology is a passion of mine, and I believe we live in a time where developers and designers have the opportunity and capability of creating products that are able to change and improve peoples lives.

I’ve been working for Digital Agencies for the last five years where I’ve helped dozens of Startups make their ideas become realities. It’s been a great learning journey where I’ve collaborated closely with UI/UX designers and Engineers.

I love to be part of a team where we all share the same vision and where we all care about little details that make big impacts. I also like to keep developing my career in a place that challenges me and pursues the same vision and ambition as I do.

Check some of my work or Say Hi! and send me an email to manuel@manuelmarcos.es